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Watch the Mixolydian Mode online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Bass Guitar 3: Essential Skills

Mixolydian Mode - Concept 8 is a video guitar lesson presented by Andrew Ford and is sourced from Blues Bass Survival Guide.

Next we will talk about the scale that is used primarily with these dominant 7 chords. It is called the mixolydian scale or mode. It is only slightly different than the major scale. As a matter of fact, it has only one note that is different, the 7th note. Instead of being a major 7th, it is a flat 7 or minor 7th. So in the key of C instead of playing B as the 7th note as we would in the major scale, we play Bb. So the mixolydian scale in C would be spelled out C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, and C and can be used over the C7 chord. There are other scales we will use when playing the blues but this is our go to when walking or soloing. Here is an exercise for learning the mixolydian scale where we play the scale ascending then go to the 4 in that key and play the scale descending, we then start the process over a half step up. We will only play this pattern for the first 3 frets on the neck but you should continue it all the way up the fretboard. Also, this exercise can be played straight, or with a shuffle as written. We will introduce a 2 and 4 click in this exercise. This click pattern helps you develop your internal groove much better, you just have to imagine beats 1 and 3 because they are no longer played by the click.