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Watch the Floyd's Bricks online guitar lesson by TrueFire from Play Bass Guitar 3: Essential Skills

Floyd's Bricks - Groove 11 is a video guitar lesson presented by Andrew Ford and is sourced from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know.

Groove 11 is based on Pink Floyd's "Another Brick in the Wall". This groove is more staccato, a tighter bass groove, almost feeling a little bit like an 80's rock groove, probably because it was released at the end of the 70's. It's a 4-bar phrase starting in D minor, in which we'll play the D minor for the first two bars. In these bars, it's a slightly modified dotted quarter groove, same rhythm but a little more staccato. On the first D, the root is not held as long as a normal dotted quarter note. Then, you have the rest, or silent note, then we go down to C which is the minor 7, which we already talked about being useful to outline a minor feel. After that eighth note, we go back to the root on beat 3, and take notice of the dot on top of the note, which always denotes playing notes a shorter duration than normal. Then, there's another rest and back to the b7, C that leads to the root D in Bar 2.

In Bar 2, we play the root on beat 1 like the previous bar, then another root, and then we're transitioning to the next chord on beats 3 and 4 by using the quarter notes A, the 5, and G, which walks nicely to our F. Anytime we can connect chords using a whole step or half step it is a good thing.

Next, we let it air out holding the F for 3 beats (notice the dotted half note), remember the dot increases a note's value by 1/2, so instead of two beats, the length of a normal half note, this dotted one is 3 beats. On beat 4, we have an eighth note phrase using F, and then G leading into the 4th bar (our C chord). This final bar starts on the root with a half note and then does a back and forth type sequence of notes starting on C, going down to B, back up to C, and ending on C#, a very effective a colorful riff.