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Watch the 12 Bar Blues in G online guitar lesson by Brad Carlton from Blues Bass

This lesson takes a 12 bar form that you have learned and presents it in the key of G. This will require a different layout of the notes on the fingerboard which is presented in diagrams 2a through 2h. Diagrams 2a through 2f are written for the three chords you used when playing the 12 bar blues in the key of E. Go back and play over that progression with this new layout so you will be comfortable with the music. Then if you look at diagrams 2g and 2h you will see how you can plan any key because these diagrams can be played in any fret. To play the 12 bar blues in the key of G you will use diagram 2g in the third position(fret) for the G7 chord(see rhythm chart #2). For the C7 chord you will use diagram 2h in the third position and for the D7 you will use diagram 2h in the fifth position.

To create the variations of your basslines, follow the scale degree sequences that appear on the top of each bassline(examples 1a through 1l) in the tablature and assign them to your new layout on the fingerboard. There are six variations which are:

1 8 b7 5
1 8 5 b7
1 5 b7 8
1 5 8 b7
1 b7 8 5
1 b7 5 8