Watch the Simplified Notation online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from Blues Bass Survival Guide

As you can see in the previous examples these triplet figures can be a little tedious to notate, so a symbol was developed to indicate each group of two 8th notes should be interpreted as a triplet figure. That symbol shows two 8th notes and then an equal sign followed by a quarter note and 8th note triplet. You will find this symbol in the upper left hand corner of your score. So whenever you see two 8th notes together, you play them as if you were playing the basic triplet-based shuffle rhythm. This way of notating triplet rhythms for bass is much easier on the eyes and simplifies the notation. One of the first things to always do when handed sheet music is to first browse the upper left hand corner. This is where you will find critical information that will help you interpret the music correctly, things like key signatures, time signatures, style, feel, tempo, etc. Take a look at what that symbol looks like.