Watch the 5-4-1 Salsa #1 online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from Bass Groove Survival Guide

Here is the basic groove or tumbao as they are often called. Very important that your bass line fits with the clave which is the two bar rhythm that is played (ex)2,3-1 2and 4, you will hear it in the track. This particular clave is called a 2-3 clave. I will not get into the other types of clave and applications right now, just know that clave is as important to the groove as a 16th note hihat is in funk, or ride cymbal in jazz. Get ready for a lot of anticipation of the beat in this groove, matter of fact you play on beat 1 on the 1st beat of the song, and no other time after that. Lets try this 1st groove.

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