Watch the Funk Jam Part 2 online guitar lesson by Stu Hamm from Stu Hamm U: Bass Basics

There are lots of ways to strike the strings on your bass to get different sound. Pulling with your fingers, using a pick, and using your thump to “slap” the bass and pulling your fingers up from underneath the strings to “pop” them. The slap and pop techniques are a fun way to get that unique sound, so in this segment I’ll show you the basic techniques needed to play in this style. When slapping, the idea is to hit the string from the top/side and with your thumb and then to get it away so that the strings can freely vibrate. When popping, you’ve got to learn to use your wrist to open up your hand, and by doing so have your fingers pop the strings to get that sounds. We end with a couple of exercises using octaves in an E minor pentatonic scale and introduce the “bounce” technique to get a double hit with your thumb.

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