Watch the 3rd & 10th Intervals online guitar lesson by Stu Hamm from Stu Hamm U: Bass Basics

What makes a chord a Major or Minor chord? It’s the 3rd of course, or the third note of the scale that can be either Major (2 whole steps up from the Root) or Minor (1 whole step and one ½ step up from the Root). This will define the basic tonality or sound of the chords and scales you will be playing. I show you how to find and play both a Major and Minor 3rd. Then I will show you what is meant by the interval of a 10th, which is an Octave above either the Major or Minor 3rd. Playing a 10th will let your ears hear the tonality of Major and Minor, and the hand positions that you will learn will enable you to find the tonality of any key in which you are asked to play.

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