Watch the Octaves online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Now you will be expecting a drill, a variation and a groove. This time however it will be different. We will take the opportunity to learn all the notes on the neck of the bass with their octave relationships in a systematic way. This exercise is mind blowing simple, but very effective in finding all your knowledge gaps and taking care of them. The system is simple: We start by playing the low E on the open string. Then we proceed in finding every single E available on the bass in a systematic way. 1. After playing the low E, we seek out all the E's available on that one (E) string. 2. Continue to the A string and find all the E's there. 3. Now we scan the D string for E's and finally the G string. Now you have played every E possible and thus you have heard many octave relationships in the process. This sequence repeats with every note. Now we move to 'F' and continue to find all F's on the E string, the A, the D and the G string. Move on to F# and do the same. Keep moving in half steps (minor seconds) until you have reached Eb (E flat) After the last Eb has been played, you will have played every note on the bass once! Do this once a day and you will be surprised how the neck opens up in your mind allowing you to see tonality everywhere at the same time! That's where you want to be. Congratulations, you have completed the basic course :)

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