Watch the Minor Third online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Meet the minor third, an interval that spells out a diminished arpeggio when played up and down. John Coltrane's chant "A Love Supreme" starts with it. When played continuously, notice how this pattern goes to the top note, drops two notes down, goes two notes up again and then descends to the lowest note. It does the same thing at the bottom before it loops back up. This is how I get 12 notes out of my pattern which makes it consistent with the previous interval exercises. The fluidity of a twelve note pattern is more fun to play. That is the only reason. The minor thirds have a very poignant character and are favorite elements in much of classical music and progressive rock. The shifts are a bit challenging thus play light to avoid roughing up your fingertips. We shall cover the tonal centers: C, B, Bb and A.

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