Watch the Minor Sixth online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Welcome to the minor sixth. Many of you heard the classic ragtime piano song by Scott Joplin named "The Entertainer" featured in the 1973 box office hit 'The Sting'. Our featured interval is the prominent one repeated twice in a row at the beginning of the main theme. This interval may also be referred to as a #5 (sharp five). To be able to sweep across this larger interval we will use its inversion (the major third) to remain within the limitation of the neck. It is a good yoga exercise for your fingers as they are now engaged in big stretches over large distances. Luckily you have the experience of the previous smaller intervals to fall back on. Things that used to be impossible to achieve are now becoming realistic possibilities. Tonal centers for this one are G, G#, and A.

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