Watch the Major Third online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Meet the major third, truly a major stretch getting you ready for what's to come down the line. A major third equals three whole tones. Louis Armstrong's "When the Saints Go Marching In" starts with it. (Oh - when ...the Saints...) Stacked major thirds in jazz harmony make up the augmented sound. By now you will notice that every interval on bass can be played in one of two ways: Horizontally on one string or vertically across the strings. Our new drill incorporates both versions and if you ever get confused, just remember it's all major thirds all the time, all the way. And they always equal 3 whole tones a piece. Your eyes will get used to improved measurement looking at the neck as you go along. We shall do three of them twice each: In G, G#, and A.

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