Watch the Major Second online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Meet the major second, our next interval. A major second equals a whole tone or the distance across two frets. Frank Sinatra's "Strangers in the Night" begins with it. When played continuously in a scale, its character is often heard in mystery movie soundtracks during the part where a person slips into a dream state, or falls unconscious. Check it out for yourself. What an interval reminds you of is really your personal experience. Once you know it well, you'll be able to consciously choose the mood of your expression which will add meaning to your music. First we will become familiar with the sound and feel of continuous whole tones in a two octave range. This time we'll choose the tonal centers - A, Ab, G, and Gb. Playing continuous major seconds creates what is known as the whole tone scale.

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