Watch the Interval Ear Training online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Learning how to hear and recognize the intervals instantly is probably the most valuable thing you can learn as it creates an active link between your emotions and the sounds you are producing on the bass. Further more it puts you into a different league when jamming with other musicians allowing you to make musical choices when complimenting another player. Many musicians still play the guessing game after years of practice and they will never experience the level of satisfaction that you will get to know once you put in this necessary and valuable work. Please be patient, as this can easily take several months to accomplish. The ear training matrix is set up for you to gradually get there on your own time. OK now that you have gotten started with your ear training supplement, you are ready to start the first drill!

How to practice using Kai's eartraining 1 exercise:

Print out the blank sheet and the master, get a pen and listen to the audio file. Put the master away. Write down what you hear as you go along from left to right, one line after another. Use the symbols shown in the master sheet. After 120 listening examples mark down how many correct ones you heard in the little field below the grid. Do this by comparing to the master sheet which follows the audio file exactly. Do it once a day until you get 100% correct. Then contact me for the next eartraing exercise.

Intervals are the building blocks of chords and you should be able to hear them instantly. This will lay the foundation you need to accomplish that!

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