Watch the Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

Intervals shape the character of every melody, lick and scale under the sun. Intervals are to music what the alphabet is to language or what colors are to a painting. Once in charge, you can make them sound like anything: Beautiful or ugly, smooth or rough. In music that's always okay as long as it's done with intention. But before that can happen, you are advised to explore the emotional qualities of those basic shapes to make them your own. After you finish this course you will have a much easier time creating lines and learning new music in general. By combining all variations with all intervals, we cover all possible ways to get from one place to another on the fret board of your instrument. A word of caution upfront: This is a vast and comprehensive course and if you get it you will find yourself in an intimate relationship with music like never before. No two people will sound alike after working through this material. It starts simple (assuming you know nothing about music) and goes out there past the college level. So please relax, be patient and have an open mind. That will guarantee the best result. The first few segments are dedicated to giving you a solid theoretical background before you start working out. Welcome to intervals, the molecules of music!

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