Watch the Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals online guitar lesson by Kai Eckhardt from Atomic Bass: Reactive Intervals

I hope you enjoyed this course as much as I did, and I'd like to thank you for being adventurous in a time where many of us feel more comfortable looking back than looking ahead. But life goes on and we might as well ride the wave. It's very important you comprehend that we learn over time by making baby steps. Baby steps means, you take the time to listen into yourself where you heart lives. You KNOW when it is good and when it is not. You have been given intution. Your feeling will tell you. Don't look for approval from outside and don't hold your music hostage to get attention or fame or fortune. Be real. Admit to your mistakes but don't trip on them ever. Music is a way of getting to know your true self. Without self-knowledge you will always live in fear and insecurity or in need of validation from others. The material world is highly overrated. Music is a healing power and an eternal force to expand your conscious mind. Detach from the shallow world of pre-packaged second hand values and discover your own. Big-ups for the Truefire team for creating this incredible platform and for believing in forward leaning music. Please remember to let your life and your music be what it wants to be. Don't ever force anything, just keep coming back with patience, persitence and dedication. That will never fail you. As the Indian poet R. Tagore once said: The butterfly knows moments, not months, and has time enough! Peace - Kai

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