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Watch the So Real online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 50 R&B Bass Grooves You MUST Know

Now this slap bass riff is a 4 bar groove based on David Shield's classic bass line on “Got To Be Real” by Cheryl Lynn. It starts very sparse using the thumb to play the quarter note on C, it is a variation of the basic dotted quarter note and 8th note groove. When we get to beat 3 we will play a slurred phrase from Bb to C playing on beats 3 and the 16th after, E. Then after a little breathing room we have our first pluck which is also a slur from F to G. Following that we have a phrase which uses four 16th notes, the first 3 somewhat muted. We finish out that bar with some more 16th and 8th note syncopations using the root G and the minor 3rd, Bb. A number of these notes are muted and played percussively with the thumb. The precise notes which are muted is not an exact science, more of a feel. In bar 3 we start with a slurred 16th rhythm from Bb the b7 to C which is the root. We then move to another 16th lick over Dm in which we slur a C to the root D. We end bar 3 by anticipating bar 4 with an F to G slurred lick. Bar 4 completes the phrase with a simplified percussive thumb groove from bar 2 then slides up from C on the A string for the payoff which is a pull off starting with G at the 12th fret down to F at the 10th fret which is the b7 of our Gm chord.