Watch the Trip the 3 online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

This line is based off of a 1/2 step run using a C to a C#. I start off by hammering an open A to a 3rd fret C with a thump/thumb on my right hand. Once I thump the C, I come down with my hand to create another ghost hit, then follow that with two plucks on my octave C on the 5th fret of the G string.

Next I hit another open A with a thumb upstroke and when I come to the downstroke I hit a C# then pluck the octave. Then I slide back to the C and octave position. Then I do a triplet hammer pluck from open A to 3rd fret C to the octave on the G string, finishing with a pluck on octave C to the low G on the E string.

One thing worth mentioning, when doing the triplet rhythm, it is easier for me if I leave my 4th/pinkie finger on the C octave the whole time not lifting at all.

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