Watch the The Grand Pull-off online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

This line starts with a ghost mute with my whole right hand on the downbeat of the 1 then with a quick pluck of my open G string very tight which is the first "heard" note.

The feel is similar to when I do an upstroke on the double thumb technique which we have talked about before. Keep all of the notes very short and tight. The key is to play the notes hard. If you are using any kind of envelop filter on a groove like this, the filter opens and closes by the amount of attack you give each note with your right hand. This is paramount to make a line like this pop. Part of it is the tightness, but a big part of it is how you attack the string, almost like a bow and arrow approach.

A good strong pull in your plucks will make the notes pop.

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