Watch the The E-Minor Sock Hop online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

This lick will show using the m3, m7, and octaves and how to create a simple, yet funky, lick using the thump/pluck technique, with some ghost/mute techniques.

I am spreading out on different parts of the neck where I am making my hits/plucks which creates different tones and feels since each string has its own timbre. On the first pluck on the E on the G string, you will notice that between the plucks I am coming down with my full right hand to create another rhythm. Likewise when I hit a hammer from D to E on the 5th to 7th fret on the A string, I do a muted ghost note with a thumb upstroke before the hit.

All of these help to make the line more interesting and groove a bit more, similar to the way a drummer hits different parts of his or her snare drum to create different feels.

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