Watch the The A-G Connection online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

I grew up listening and learning a lot of hip-hop bass lines. I was and still am a huge Dr. Dre fan. One of the main reasons is because of the grooves and basslines he uses. They were always groovin', but so melodic at the same time. You could sing the bassline as much as the vocal line. That is what I tried to create with this line.

I am just going back and forth bewteen A minor and G major. Pretty much just doing different scale patterns, while using different rhythmic phrases.

Also worth noting, is on lines like these that repeat a lot, that you want to keep heavy, I try to use the E and/or A strings as much as possible so you still have the tone of the thicker string. Finally wanted to mention, playing this line, and all lines for that matter, always play them once you learn them at least 8-16 times in a row. Listen to make sure that each time you play it, it almost perfectly matches the last time you played it. This is very helpful when you record in a studio.

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