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This line in Gm starts on the low F minor 7th of G thumping up to a G and plucking the octave with a quick snap on the open G. Softer plucking on the Bb to A on the G string, I do almost a mimic of a record skipping on the Bb to the octave.

With this, and a lot of my basslines, I want them to almost sound like samples, in the sense that once you play through the line once, and it repeats, it sounds identical to the last one, almost like a sample. When I started working in the studio for the first time, I found out how important it is to be able to play the same line, no matter how hard or complicated over and over and over sounding exactly the same each time. Sounds easy in your head, but doing it can be another story.

If you learn this line, try playing it for 1 minute and record it, then listen to the first 10 seconds and then the last 10 seconds and see how well they match in tone, sound, and feel.

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