Watch the Hangin' with My G online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

This line will involve a little bit of stretching for your left hand. We are starting on the G on the 5th fret of the D string then reaching down to the low G on the E string, keeping both octaves pressed down for a legato feel. You should use your middle finger on the low G because we will then move to the A and Bb on the G string while holding down the low G. Next move to the F on the D string and low F on the E string going to an open G and an A on the G string. Next an E (2nd fret) on the D string to open E followed by open G and A on G. The lick ends with a little run for melody on the G and D string.

The lick is pretty simple, but what makes it work and a little bit of a challenge is holding down the root notes of each note change. To me that sound is what gives it more of an eerie quality, and a little more darker sounding which I like with a lot of basslines like this.

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