Watch the Galaxy Drive online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

With this lick I am hammering up from an open E string to the 2nd fret F#. Then I come down with my whole right hand onto the string creating a rhythmic mute. Next, I am plucking the minor 7th note (E) and the octave (F#) on the D string. Next, I right hand double thumb mute on the open A (again which is muted), then I'm hammering from the 4th (B-2nd fret) to the 5th C# (4th fret). Next a pluck on the minor 7th again on the D string, moving to the minor 3rd (A) on the E string with a thump.

The line finishes with a quick upstroke mute on the A string leading me to the F# on the 9th fret, and crossing the strings with two plucks on the minor 7th (E) to the natural 6th (D#) - frets 9 and 8 on the G string.

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