Watch the Bb In The Backyard online guitar lesson by Freekbass from 50 Freekbass Licks You MUST Know

In this lick in Bb, I am starting it on my E string for the Bb. I am using both the double-thumb technique, and I am plucking notes. Harmonically what makes this lick kind of interesting is I am using both the minor 3rd, and the major 3rd of Bb which gives the line a little more swagger.

A lot of funk uses this minor to major 3rd melodic structure. And even though I am in a minor feel, I am using the natural 6th (Dorian scale) - the G in this key- which also is used in a lot of funk and soul lines.

When I am playing the minor to major third on the A string I am plucking/pulling the note as opposed to thumping it. Not always, but generally most folks pluck on the thinner strings of D and G. When you pluck on a thicker string such as the A string, it makes it sound a little heavier. Finally watch how I do a ghost mute between the G and A on the D string.

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