Watch the Soul Shuffle online guitar lesson by David Santos from 50 Bass Grooves You MUST Know

This is a 12 bar blues with a stop on bar 12. The intro starts on the five chord, goes to the four chord, and then goes to the one chord and stops on the downbeat of bar 4. These are actually the last 4 bars of the tune that you are starting with as an intro, also known as a turnaround from the five. When calling a tune like this on the bandstand a leader may say, "Let's do a blues in G, from the five", meaning you are going to start from the five chord in the key, go to the four chord, then to the one chord for two bars, or you may use some sort of turnaround, or a stop, instead of just staying on the one chord for two bars, to get everyone to the top of the form. This intro is said to be outside the form.

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