Watch the Hold the Groove-Bridge online guitar lesson by David Santos from 50 Bass Grooves You MUST Know

This is an 8 measure phrase consisting of three identical two bar phrases for measures 1 through 6, and a variation of this phrase for measures 7 and 8. The form alternates harmonically between Eb7 for one bar and Ab7 for one bar throughout the entire 8 bar phrase. Ab7 is approached by a half step in measure one on beat three (G, which is also the third of the Eb7). A walk up from the third of the Ab7 (C and D flat on beats three and four brings us back to Eb7). Repetition is employed as this phrase repeats three times. The fourth time it varies, for measures 7 and 8, as the walk up of measure 8 is fully chromatic for the first time and utilizes 4 quarter notes to walk back to the beginning, and again we repeat our 8 bar phrase.

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