Watch the Happy Shuffle online guitar lesson by David Santos from 50 Bass Grooves You MUST Know

This song consists of only two chords, the one and the four chord, C7 to F7, but there is a feel change every 8 bars which maintains interest. The first 8 bars is in a broken 8th, almost half time feel The second 8 bars goes into a four feel meaning the bass walks in a steady four quarter note to the bar feel, and then the third 8 bar phrase returns to the original broken 8th feel. The note choice in the broken 8th feel is based on two ideas. On the C7, the idea is to outline the C triad in half time feel, but on the F7 we walk a little more. This walk is played chromatically from the third of the F7, ascending, leading us back to the C7 chord. In the four feel of the next 8 bar phrase we move through the various chord tones and add a few passing tones to outline and connect the chords in a subtle but colorful way to maintain interest and motion.

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