Watch the Doo Wop online guitar lesson by David Santos from 50 Bass Grooves You MUST Know

Doo-Wop is a style of vocal based rhythm and blues. The Ink Spots, The Mills Brothers, Little Anthony and The Imperials, The Five Satins, The Platters and James Brown and The Famous Flames popularized this style of music along with hundreds of other popular bands. I recommend listening to a great deal of this music and learning what makes it swing and feel good. In this song there are many bass lines and fills for you to approximate when you play this style. The main chords are I maj,(F#maj) to VI minor(D# minor), II min(G#Min), to V7(C# Dom7). The basic feel is what is referred to as triplets with a backbeat or a 12-8 feel. Learning to move between the chords in the fashion and style that the great bass players of that era did so beautifully is what to shoot for as you learn the notes presented here. Doo-Wop is a beautiful and not so simple style to master.

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