Watch the Bad Dog online guitar lesson by David Santos from 50 Bass Grooves You MUST Know

Bad Dog is three choruses long. The first chorus has 2 extra bars and is 10 bars long, the second and third choruses are 8 bars long. A chorus in this particular discussion and in this context denotes one entire form. "Take a chorus", in jazz terminology means go ahead and play a solo through the whole song from top to bottom. As opposed to the standard definition of the chorus of a pop radio song or a traditional folk song, which is the part of the song that is repeated after the verse or verses, often by more than one singer, also known as the hook in some circles, in jazz terminology, the entire form is the chorus. The melody written over this entire form is called the head.

In Bad Dog the bass line begins with a Charleston rhythm followed by passing tones and approach notes to travel from chord to chord. There are many chromatic devices employed as well as a major pentatonic approach to the one chord. The chords for each chorus are D7 to G7, repeating either 3 or 4 times, followed by A7 for one bar and D7 for one bar.
Memorize the entire piece.

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