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Watch the Teenage Wasteland online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 30 may be a little challenging for beginners and intermediate level players, but it's something to work towards. There are many familiar rhythms, but uncommon notes and intervals. This one is based on a section of The Who's song "Baba O'Riley". The chord progression is basically F# to B with a C# on beat 4 of the F# bars.

The first bar starts simple with two quarter notes on the root, F# on the D string. On beat 3, there are two eighth notes, the first being that same F# and the 2nd eighth going down to the octave F# and then coming up to catch the root to the new chord on beat 4 (C#). Next, we have a B chord where we again start with two eighths on the root B followed by a quarter note playing B. Now on beats 3 and 4, it starts moving along. We have a four eighth note sequence that finishes the bar starting on the 3rd, D#, going up to E, then F# the 5, and then back down to E. Next bar we go back to the F# chord, instead of the quarters we start with three eighth notes on the root, high F#. On the "and" of two, we go to B, and then on beat 3 we play the 5 (C#), go down to F# on the "and", then end it by playing a F# even though the chord is C#. The F# bass note still works. In the last bar, we're back to the B chord and all eighth notes. We start with two B's on the root, then we play two eighths on the octave B. We then play a b7 (A), go down to the major 3rd (D#), and climb up using E, then F, a tension note that leads to F# in our new phrase.