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Watch the Ocean Fire online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 28 is based on Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". This is another one of those grooves mixing eighths and quarters with a syncopated line to lead you back to the beginning of a phrase. The main motif is like a bass player emulating the drums. The first two eighths are like the bass drum and the octave quarter note is like the snare. This whole groove is mostly G minor. It goes to F for a second, but it is pretty much G minor.

We start off with two eighth notes on low G, then we move up to the octave for a quarter note on G on the D string. We repeat that riff for beats 3 and 4. The next bar begins with the same phrase for beats 1 and 2, but on beat 3 we do an eighth note run outlining G minor starting on Bb, going up to C, D, then down to F the b7, a very bluesy riff. Bar 3 begins the same way as the previous 2 bars except there is a chord change on beat 3. It goes to F, so using the same rhythm, we do a 1-5-1 pattern starting with the higher F on the D string, down to C on the A string, and lastly to F on the E string. Now in the 4th bar, we have a riff that starts on beat 1 but then uses all upbeats which creates syncopation. We start with the root and then start walking up with Bb on the "and" of 1, we hold that over beat two and play a C on the up beat of beat 2, we hold that again for an eighth note, and play a D on the "and" of 3. Lastly, after holding the D, we play a Bb on the "and" of 4, completing the bar.