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Watch the Neil's Spice online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 13 is a fun groove based on Neil Young's "Cinnamon Girl". This one has the eighth note flavor without being straight eighth notes all the way through, but after the normal 4 bar phrases it has an extra two bar unison lick played with the guitar. Let's take a look.

The first bar has a D chord, and we play the root D using two eighths, holding the 2nd one, a motif we've used before. We follow it with another root note and then go to the 5 (A) on beat 3 using the same eighth note rhythm. We hold the 2nd note and go up to E on the D string which is the 5 of A minor. That leads to the high A on beat 3 using two eighths, same rhythm as Bar 1 ending on D as a whole tone transition to C. The C chord in bar 3 has the exact same rhythm starting on the root C for two eighths, holding the C and playing G on the D string going up to the octave C. We call this 1-5-1 movement, the root to the 5 to the octave. After the octave, we have a D to transition to our new chord G. Here again we have the same rhythm, a couple of eighth notes on G, the root, and then a D for a 1-5 movement, and then finishing that bar with the root G. Next, we have the riff starting on F using a quarter note, it moves to a climb up the scale with two eighths playing F and then G, moving up to A with our scale motion on beat 3. This is where we skip to C on the "and" of 3, and end this bar with a quarter note using the note D. These are the notes of what we call the major pentatonic scale in F. Then, in our last bar, we have a melodic riff that starts on C, goes down to B, keeps going down the scale to A and finally back to F as a push into beat 3 and holding for the rest of the bar.

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