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Watch the Nap Time for Sally online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Here we have another 2-beat country flavored feel in the style of Eric Clapton's "Lay Down Sally". We're mixing the quarters and eighths again to get that space and movement dynamic. A simple chord progression starting on A for a bar, our first note is the high A on the D string, then moving down to the 5 (E) in combination with F# for a common 5-6 type movement. We then go back up to the high A followed by 3 more eighth notes, the first one going all the way down to the octave (A) before walking back up in a scale like fashion using B and C#.

The next bar has that 1, 2 strolling feel using the root (D) and the 5 (A). Then, starting on beat 3, we have a group of four eighth notes starting on the root (D), going down to C#, then climbing back up using D and then D# before settling on E of the next bar. Bar 3 starts with our root E using a quarter, goes down to the 5 (B), then does a different eighth note pattern using the root E, down to the 5, back up to E, and walking up to F#. Our last bar is similar to Bar 1, but starts with two eighths on the root (A), then goes down to the 5 (E) for a quarter note, and ends with a group of eighths using the root A and our familiar 6-5-6 pattern with the notes F#, E, and F#.