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Watch the Latin Magic online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Now here's a Latin rock style groove in the style of "Black Magic Woman" by Carlos Santana. Here is yet another use of that dotted quarter/eighth note but in a different context. We have a Latin flavor with a little more edge and emphasis on beats two and four like you find in rock and roll. We have a 4-bar pattern with the same rhythm throughout.

In the first two bars, the rhythm and bass notes stay the same, not uncommon for this style of music in order to establish a solid foundation for dancing, for all the other instruments, and the soloist. So, in Bar 1, we have the dotted quarter on the root D, followed by the 5 (A), playing an eighth note, then we have a rolling sort of four eighth note pattern that uses the notes C, C again, D, and back to C. We call that C the minor 7th, which is used a lot when we have minor chords like we have here. As I said, the next bar repeats, and then we have a new chord (A minor) in which we play the same exact pattern but using the notes that make up the chord. That is the root (A), the 5 (E), and then that b7 riff using 2 G's, an A, and another G.

In the last bar, we go back to G and do a slightly different pattern still starting the same with the root (G) and the 5 (D), but then flipping the riff a little by starting on the b7 (F), and going down to the 5 (D), up to the root (G), and then going up higher to the 2nd (A). This actually leads us nicely back to the D chord, since the A leads nicely to D.