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Watch the Free Now online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 3 is based on the song "All Right Now" by the band Free. For this groove, we'll use a concept called pedaling. When you're asked to pedal a note as a bass player, it means that you play the same bass note even though the chords are changing, so obviously it must be a note which works over the different chords played. If someone asks you to pedal, just keep playing that same note.

This groove also has a strong quarter note pulse where the notes are more staccato, meaning shorter in length. In the first bar, we just hammer those quarter notes on A (the root). In the next bar, the band changes to a G chord but the bass will still drive that A for the first half of the bar. Next, we have a phrase with two eighths and a quarter note in which the last two notes (F# and E) get away from the pedal. We're still pedaling, this ending phrase just adds a little variation to the phrase. Bar 3 changes chords again to D, still with our A in the bass. After the 2 quarter notes, we have a similar phrase using the same 3 notes but sort of inverted: E, F#, A, instead of A, F#, E. In Bar 4, we return to the straight A chord, nailing those quarter notes on beats 1 and 2 but then using a full eighth note phrase as a pivot to get us back to the beginning. It's a 5-6-1-6 pentatonic lick starting on E to F# played on the D string, moving up to A on the G string before ending with the F# again.

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