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Watch the Forever Infinite online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

In this groove, we'll play some octave patterns along with some syncopated rhythms using quarters and eighths in a classic rock vein. This one is based on a song by the band Boston called "Long Time". We start in Bar 1 with a couple of eighths and a quarter note on the root, low F on the E string, then we quickly bounce up to the higher F on the D string for two more eighths, in which we hold the 2nd one for the duration of another quarter to finish the bar. Notice how the tie or hold brings emphasis to the last F played.

We have 3 chords in our next bar, the last two played on up beats, or "ands", which makes them syncopated. We start with three eighth notes on C, which gives it some forward motion, then on the "and" of 2, we have our first syncopation with Eb, playing the root, holding that note for beat 3 and then we have another syncopated note for the "and" of 3 using D. Even though the chord here is Bb, the major 3rd (D) is still a strong and melodic note to substitute for the bass. We hold this D for beat 4 and have one last syncopation in this bar using the note C, which is part of our Bb scale and also gives us a strong transition to our F chord coming up.

Bar 3 is a duplicate of Bar 1, and Bar 4 has the same rhythm and chords as Bar 2, but slightly different notes. We start off with the same three eighths on the root C, but on our Eb syncopation we substitute G for Eb, again a strong bass note being the 3rd, and then instead of the Bb root, for our next syncopation on the "and" of 3, we use F, the 5, another good note to substitute for the root on occasion. We end this bar with an Eb syncopated note just acting as a transition note back to F to finish the phrase.