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Watch the Eagle Flight online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 25 is an 8-bar groove in order to accommodate the full phrase and hear how the bars work together to make a full phrase. It is based on the iconic song "Free Bird" by Lynyrd Skynyrd. This one also has a faster count, much like our other songs in "2".

This groove is interesting, the first part is syncopated and then moves into a smoother part near the end. It makes for a more dynamic bassline. The first chord is G, we play the root as a dotted quarter/eighth rhythm, but it sounds atypical because of the held and syncopated notes that follow it. After the high G root, we go down to the 5 for that eighth note, hold that note for another eighth, and bounce back up to the G on the "and" of 3, holding this note to give it a bit of emphasis. We have the same rhythm in Bar 2, but use the 3rd, 5th, and root of our next chord, D. We use all the notes of the chord in that bar giving this passage a very melodic quality.

Our groove straightens out in Bar 3 with a more standard dotted quarter rhythm starting on the root E, going down to the 5 (B), and then ending on an eighth with the b7 (D). Bar 4 really airs out the bassline with a whole note on the root E. Bar 5 has a standard dotted quarter/eighth half note rhythm all on the root F. Next, we have a bar of C where we start with a half note, then get a little busier with a quick 1-5-1 eighth/quarter pattern with C, going down to G and back up to C.

More space is given in Bar 7 with half notes being played for, the root (D) and the 5 (A). It climbs all the way up to the octave D in Bar 8. These two bars work together as a rising and falling 1 to the 5 pattern. The last bar has the half note on the octave D, followed by downward movement to the 5, A, and finally to the root, D, both as quarter notes.