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Watch the Do I Know You? online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

This groove is based on the song "Who Are You" by The Who. It has a syncopated groove using eighths and quarters but still rocks. The bassline emphasizes the 4th beat for most of the pattern. It also has that pedaling technique we discussed, so as the chords change, we still play E in the bass. The first bar starts with two eighths playing low E and going up to the octave on beat 2. This is notated as a quarter note, but it also has a dot over the note so that we don't give that quarter its full value. Next, we have a rest on 3 and play a syncopated low E on the "and" of 3 and ending with the octave E on beat 4.

The next bars are the same, but the chords change, giving it a different sound to each bar. The chord changes to D in Bar 2 while we still play E and changes to A in Bar 3. The last bar gives the line extra flavor by playing a bluesy syncopated riff over the open E chord. We'll play on all the up beats in this bar and use the bluesy notes G, A, D, and back to the root E.