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Watch the Decelerated online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

This next groove is in the style of "Slow Ride" by Foghat. This is a straight ahead rocker with a cool bass riff. Basically in A, it combines eighth and quarter notes to give a nice bouncy feel to it. The first bar starts with two eighth notes on the root A. You'll notice we have a rest or silent note next. Rests are just like notes, but instead of playing them, we are quiet for the duration of the rest. So, with this eighth note rest, we're quiet for an eighth note duration. This rest puts more emphasis on the two eighth notes and lets them stand out a little more.

The next half of the phrase has the whole band accenting beats 3 and 4 with quarter notes. The chords here are D and C, as are the bass notes. This next bar is all A5 chord, all eighth notes, and all A bass notes. The notes become more syncopated and dynamic because of the rests that are there. As a matter of fact, we leave out two down beats, 3 and 4. Now bar 3 becomes more downbeat oriented with the four eighth notes on the root A and then the quarters on D and C. Then, in the last bar, we go back to the more syncopated rhythm using rests with the eighth notes ending with an "and" - 4 - "and" rhythm using the notes A, A, the root, the b7 again, and G to make it a little more bluesy sounding.