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Watch the Break Time online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

This groove is based on the song "Take It Easy" by the Eagles. This is another upbeat, dotted quarter style groove that seems to have influenced contemporary country music. This is a 4-bar phrase with 3 chords, simple but effective with a good feel.

We start the first bar with a G chord and a simple dotted quarter, eighth, half note pattern using the root, G. We then go to a D chord in Bar 2, same pattern using the root (D) only. The next two bars use the chord C, so over that we can build a motif. It starts with the same dotted quarter rhythm on beats 1 and 2. Then, we have an eighth note pentatonic phrase that starts on the 3rd (E), moves to the 5 (G), the 6 (A), and back to E. Our last bar gets simple again and plays a dotted quarter/eighth rhythm using G, which is the 5, then it goes down to the E using a quarter note and finishes with another quarter using D.