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Watch the Big Ol' Plane online guitar lesson by Andrew Ford from 30 Rock Bass Grooves for Beginners You MUST Know

Groove 27 is based on the Steve Miller Band's song "Jet Airliner". It has a boogie woogie vibe to it, using all eighth notes, but melodic, not always driving the roots. This is a 4-bar pattern with a recurring chord progression of Bb to F and C for a bar.

We start with two Bb's, move up to the third (D) on beat 2, and then melodically use E to transition to the root of the next chord, F. We play two F's, and then drop down to the 3rd on beat 4 before playing a B to melodically get us to the next chord, C.

In Bar 2, over the C chord, we play a more common bluesy walk down starting on C to Bb, to A and finishing with G, each one uses two eighth notes. Bar 3 is a repeat of Bar 1, but Bar 4 has a pentatonic quality, playing three eighths on the root C before moving up to the 5 (G), and doing our 5-6-1 type of pattern using A, the 6 (C), the root (A) again, and finishing with the 5.