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Watch the Modern Mountain Banjo: Clawhammer & Up Picking online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Modern Mountain Banjo: Clawhammer & Up-Picking

Hi, I'm Matthieu Brandt! Welcome to Modern Mountain Banjo: Clawhammer and Up Picking. Old time traditional banjo has become increasingly popular in the last two decades. Modern players like Clifton Hicks, Adam Hurt, Abigail Washburn, Rihanna Gibbons, Richie Stearns, Cathy Fink, David Eugene Edwards, Gillian Welch, and Bob Carlin are all firmly rooted in the old time tradition, each of them bringing their own character to modern country and folk music. They all use a mixture of techniques, like clawhammer, up picking, index lead, thumb lead, and other hybrid styles.

Our focus in this course is on bringing together two of the most powerful right hand techniques that these modern banjo players use. By combining Pete Seeger style up picking and regular "bum ditty" clawhammer, you'll be able to play melodies that are out of reach with each of these techniques separately. And, you'll be doing so without losing the groove. We'll also dig into other techniques like syncopation, strumming inspired by Walt Koken, right hand triplets, left hand triplets, playing blues with old time techniques, open string pull-offs and alternate string pull-offs, using double thumbing in higher tempos, and playing double stops and chord melodies. All these tools can be used to play traditional old time repertoire and will make you a more solid rhythmic player. You can also use these techniques to arrange modern pop songs, country, folk, blues, or write your own!

The 8 original tunes in this course come with backing tracks and tabs. In the second volume of this course, we'll focus on fingerstyle techniques like index lead and thumb lead and how to mix all these styles up. Well enough talk, let's get busy!

Bass Guitar - Marcello Briganti
Audio Engineer - Jack Starkey.