Watch the Songwriter's Samples online guitar lesson by Denny Sarokin from Songwriter's Guide to Great Guitar

Whether you’re a songwriter or you just love playing your favorite classic rock, county, pop, and blues tunes, “THE SONGWRITER’S GUIDE TO GREAT GUITAR” will supercharge your writing, playing, and performing skills.

This fast paced, fun filled course breaks down the styles and techniques of classic songwriters, session musicians, and recording artists into a “Technique Toolbox” of over 200 Hot Licks, Cool Tricks, and Great Grooves that will have you playing like the pros!

Each stand-alone exercise is grouped by musical styles and techniques, making it easy for you to customize your own course - mix and match lessons to creative your own style!

Learn to play by ear and build better chops by connecting the musical sounds, shapes, and patterns that make songs “radio ready” and turns players into performers.

Topics Include

• Classic Chord Progressions & Rhythm Grooves

• Fingerstyle (Folk, / Chet Atkins / James Taylor / Chord-Melody)

• Moving Bass Lines

• Walkups

• Playing Lead

• Power Chords

• “Sexy” Scales

• Harmonics

• Open Tunings

• Pedal Bass

• Building Chops

• Muting

• Chord “Shape-Shifting” & MORE

All Styles / Beginners to Advance

Rock / Country / Blues / Pop / Folk / R&B / Jazz / Bluegrass / Reggae / Power Ballads / Bossa Nova

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