Watch the Why Ohio Why Breakdown 4 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Slap, Frail, & Thump

Why Ohio Why Breakdown 4
Even full chords can be used with a hammer-on technique. And when you combine that with the palm slap technique you can create some exciting and full grooves.
The bridge of Why Ohio Why uses this combination on an Am and an Em chord. If you aim your right hand at different strings, you can get all sorts of melodies going. Sometimes you can't even hear if it's one or two guitars playing. Because this song is played in a 16th feel with a lot of 16th syncopation you'll sometimes get some extra percussive notes by accident. The reason for this are the quick slap and pluck movements your fingers have to make, especially at higher speeds you'll notice that when your fingers have to play two plucks quickly after each other the back of your fingers or nails will hit the strings you want to cross over. Cool!
This is the beginning of a frail movement, that we'll dive into later on.
The Jam button will play you Example 64.

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