Watch the Red Peppers Breakdown 2 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Slap, Frail, & Thump

Red Peppers Breakdown 2
Once we have a groove going on the I chord, we want to continue it on the IV and the V chord. This causes us some major problems, because we want to hear the bass note and we also have a complex melody part going. But with some trickery and creative finger busting we can keep groovin'.
If you listen closely to 'Green Onions' you'll hear the organ play all kinds of alternative melodies on the basic chord progression. As guitarists we're limited in playing these melodies, because we also have to keep the groove going.
Some chords or melodies can just not be played without breaking up the feel. And that's a no-no once you use this groove as a basis to sing over. But there are some variations we CAN play.
The Jam button will play you Example 157.

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