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Red Peppers
There are more bluesy grooves that lend themselves to the slap style. We can introduce some variation by changing the amount of slaps we play within one measure. If we just play a slap on the 2 and leave the rest of the bar open to play melodies and chords, we'll create a totally different feel.
To come up with your own grooves, listen to songs that DON'T have a guitar part. Try to focus on what the drummer or the piano player is doing and figure out a way to copy that with the three techniques we've discussed. Also listen to songs that have a guitar part that is played with a pick. These grooves tend to be more powerful and crude. By using palm slaps or frails we can have the best of both worlds.
One great example of this, is the song Red Peppers, based on the Booker T and the MG's groove 'Green Onions'. The original is played in an electric band setting with a Hammond Organ and electric guitar solo by Steve Cropper, but it works great on an acoustic guitar too. We're capoed up on the 1st fret and we're in the key of Em, relative to the capo.
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