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Life is a Joke
'Life is a Joke' is a Full Hand Frail song with the capo on the 3rd fret. The song is in Am (relative to the capo) and it is played in Dropped D. It's one of my originals from the cd 'Man in Shades' and uses some of the more challenging techniques, that will also work as the driving groove in an electric band setting. As you can hear: the Full Hand Frail is used to add a percussive rhythm element, but it also has a melodic purpose similar to 'Frail Away'. In this groove the bass of the chords we're using is almost always played anticipated, meaning before beat 1 and 3. This pushes the song forward and makes for a danceable 16th groove. I discovered this groove, listening to a live recording from Keller Williams. I worked hard, figuring out by ear how to play the feel and make it into an original fingerstyle slap groove. And after having suffered through many days with bleeding hands I came up with this. When I saw Keller Williams do this groove live, my jaw dropped; he was playing it with a pick.
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