Watch the Everglades online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Slap, Frail, & Thump

Everglades of Time
The techniques we've dicussed here (slap, frail & full hand frail) give us a great percussive backbone when we're playing by ourselves. Instead of having to rely on a drummer to give us a clear 2 and 4, we are now self supportive in the rhythm department. And all of these techniques also give us strong bass parts that can lead us through a chord progression. But what happens if we do have a band and we want to integrate these playing styles in our arrangements? Will it work? Well, in many cases it actually will, if we take into account that we have to stay away from certain parts to give the other players some space.
'Everglades of Time' is a song where we're using a slap technique on the acoustic guitar. Because there's also an electric bass, drums, keys and an electric guitar, plus vocals in the arrangement we have to undress the acoustic guitar part.
The jam track contains a stripped down version.

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