Watch the Basic Grooves 6 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Slap, Frail, & Thump

Basic Grooves 6
The grooves in these exercises can sound light or thick, depending on how much elements there are in a bar and where these parts are played. Start playing these patterns slowly and gradually speed up. At this point there's not a lot going on chord wise, so if you want to you can look straight at your right hand and concentrate on how and where you slap the strings. Once you have the groove down, you can look away and try to feel the groove. Using a metronome can help you make these patterns steady. Stomp your foot on each beat and if the tempo is too high: stomp your foot on beat 2 and 4.
Playing palm slaps is a combination of a very crude movement (the slap) together with some very intricate finger movements.
The exact way you play it and the sounds you produce are very personal. Do not get put off by the fact that you don't sound exactly like the audio examples in the video or on the jam track. Just keep the grooves going and experiment with different hand positions and different hand motions.

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