Watch the Basic Grooves 1 & 2 online guitar lesson by Matthieu Brandt from Slap, Frail, & Thump

Basic Grooves 1 & 2
Welcome to Slap, Frail and Thump.
This course is about adding percussive techniques to your guitar playing, which will work on acoustic and electric guitar and in a solo or band setting. These techniques are used by players like John Mayer, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Janis Ian, JJ Cale, Greg Brown, Rodney Crowell and many others.
Slapping and frailing will get you a steady beat and solid groove while you're singing, without the need of a drummer or a bass player. If you are using it in a band setting, you'll be able to play strong intros and backup parts. But with these techniques you'll also be able to play melodies on top of the groove instead of just banging away chords.
What these lessons are not about, is guitar pyro techniques. Even players with limited fingerstyle experience can add slapping and frailing to their bag of tricks. We'll start with relatively simple grooves and in about 170 exercises and 12 original songs we'll work towards very intricate and challenging accompaniments.
The first percussive technique we'll get into is the palm slap.

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